Mork Chocolate Brew House, North Melbourne

Mork Chocolate Brew House, North Melbourne

We had been especially enthusiastic about checking out the offering online from Mork Chocolate Brew House, especially my friend who’s a clear chocophile and was simultaneously salivating and short of breath upon seeing the hip menu items. The fit out here is simplistic and intimate making for an enjoyable experience – however it is just that, an experience and not a determined effort to deliver a chocolate product that really pushes the boundaries of what it could be.

Mork does have a reputation for good hot chocolates and it has and does feature frequently on many menus here in Victoria, and abroad. I’d say their base chocolate product is solid, it’s the unnecessary spectacle on some of the menu that’s more questionable. I enjoyed my drink the most, that was the layered hot chocolate ($8) with hot and chilled chocolate aerated with warm custard with kaffir lime and vanilla pod. I enjoyed the contrast of temperatures and the custard topping.


Next up and what all the other Asian food people around us were ordering was the Campfire hot chocolate, which was a hot chocolate served with beechwood smoke, black salt and toasted marshmallow. For the $8 you paying for the privilege of spooning your drink into a glass of smoke. If ever there was a literal smoke and mirrors, this is it. The smokiness didn’t translate to the beverage terribly well and the combination of salt, smoke and marshmallows is rather haphazard. Still, the neighbours seemed content but I think that was in photographing of the drink and not actual consumption. It makes me ill seeing people marvel in the method and not the quality of the actual product.


Oh yeah, the woman who’s butt is in the pic was rather bitchy, making for a downturn in the service. Made us feel like chumps when she swapped our water jug as we had apparently taken the wrong one, made a scene with an umbrella bucket and then removed the example products from the shelf as poor Joey had innocently mistaken them at samples. No need to be so patronising, chocolate lady.

Speaking of bubble bursting and hot headedness, the final two drinks were Christina’s and that consisted of a chocolate soda water and the ‘Hot’ hot chocolate. The latter was a hot chocolate infused with four chillies and spice and served with a honey gelee. It’s an obvious play on the chilli chocolate routine and takes it to the unnecessary extreme. I don’t think anyone wants to be short of breath from a drink. The soda water and chocolate was weird and reflects the trend that no-one asked for.

“Palate cleansing, vanilla infused carbonated water” is a jug of water with a vanilla pod in it. Please just stop!

Overall our expectations weren’t met of this venue, the base chocolate drinks would probably be sufficient unless you want to be one of those people who gets the fancy drink to take a hundred photos to share on social media to feel better about yourself. Oh wait.


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