Beatrix, North Melbourne

Beatrix, North Melbourne

We braved a flood and a vicious circle of Google Maps navigating to make our way to Beatrix, but it was totally worth it. Beatrix is a quaint cafe in North Melbourne offering some of the tastiest baking around these parts, with a homemade quality (if you grew up in a very lucky household). We plonked ourselves by the window and started off with some savoury options in the two baguettes of the day.


These took a little while but were mostly a good start. Christina and I went the meat route with the poached chicken in herby aioli with lovely leaves in a mustardy dressing and chicken crackling. Not sure what about the description seems so adorable, but the leaves were lovely and the baguette was good enough. Pricer at $15.50, slightly boring less the crackling. Joey’s was the vegetarian which contained middle-eastern spiced cauliflower, spiced walnuts, lemon roquette, mint, goat’s curd and caramelised onion. This was a total winner with good, creative flavour combos and was the better of the two baguettes by far.


On the sweeter side of things we had the rose meringue ($2.50) and a slice of blue velvet cake ($9). Meringue was a flavoursome and sizeable treat. Cake slices touching the double digit marks is on the higher side of things, but the cake itself was fantastic, with richness, creaminess and a fresh-from-the-kitchen type of feel to it. Reminds me of a more refined version of The Caker from back home, which I always enjoyed. We could only fit in the one slice but there were plenty of other fantastic looking options in the lined cabinets. For anyone from work reading, please get me a full cake from here from my birthday. Thanks.


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