Mrs Kim’s Grill, Carnegie, Melbourne

Mrs Kim’s Grill, Carnegie, Melbourne

Truth be told I’ve only ever dined Korean BBQ on a very select number of occasions, with mixed results. Luckily, that all changed when my flatmates and I headed to Mrs Kim’s Grill in Carnegie for a farewell dinner.

Get the Grill

I’ve already raved about the dining in Carnegie. There’s easy parking, lots of choice and it’s all great value for money. Mrs Kim’s Grill is one of the Korean offerings (with BBQ) and it also has a sister store near my work in South Melbourne. This isn’t London, so there’s no waiting to get in. We find a table upstairs and get pretty excited pretty quickly.

At this restaurant, ordering is through an iPad. So there’s not too much in the way of staff interaction. They do come over from time to time to check on your cooking. I couldn’t quite figure it out if it is DIY or they are meant to help. It worked out anyway and they weren’t judgy. We were.

We went for the Mrs Kim’s Selection Set for $69. This had a portion of pork neck fillet, soy chicken, pork belly and lamb chop. The iPad told us it was a serving for two people, but you get a decent amount that would easily feed three. We also added some chilli pork belly and some extra sides and this made for a good amount of food.


Korean BBQ is a lot of fun! Depending on your group dynamic, you might end up sharing the cooking duties and you can choose how to pace the food. There’s the usual sides of pickles, kimchi and the salads are quite nice.

The meat at Mrs Kim’s Grill shined particularly. Every cut was flavourful and cooked to a toasty perfection. I’ll take some of the credit in that instance. Of the meats we had, I loved the pork belly (in both marinades) and the lamb has a good treatment here.

I was thrilled with my BBQ experience and now I’m definitely keen for more. I would say that the prices are a little on the high side for the portion sizes, when you also factor that you are doing the cooking as well (though take that as bonus entertainment). Anyway, you can’y go wrong with the sets from Mrs Kim’s Grill.


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