Minh Ky, Springvale, Melbourne

Minh Ky, Springvale, Melbourne

When I first got back to Melbourne I found myself with the time to indulge in whatever food adventures I liked. This meant heading over to Springvale for some Asian food and today’s choice was Vietnamese- Chinese restaurant Minh Ky.

Spring into Springvale

Springvale is quite a fun area with a lot of Vietnamese and Chinese influences. Truth be told I had never ventured before this way. I didn’t have such a reason to for the most part, and I was uninformed of how much of a food haven it was. New Melbourne Sam started getting back into his boardgames and there was a shop this way. You can’t go wrong with discount games and delicious meats.

There are so many food options in Springvale and Zomato was kind of my guide for which places I should check out. Most of the ratings were about the same (other than this pho shop with a massive line) so I ended up picking based on sight alone. I was savouring craving roast-style meats and ended up choosing Minh Ky for today’s lunch.

Roast happiness

I don’t recall the exact price of the two meats with dry noodle , I think it was around $12 or so. Something like that? As with other Asian-centric shopping areas make sure to bring cash. Most places don’t take card.

The meal came in two parts and both parts were equally delicious. Decent portion of noodles, crispy roast pork, honeyed BBQ pork. The dry noodle is a different style to the more Hong Kong kitchens that use oyster sauce. It still make for a delicious bowl of noodles. The order came fast and I was super full after the media, with the combination of carbs, meats, soup and value of money. I’m sure Minh Ky is one of my reasons to head over to Springvale.


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