Zumbo, Melbourne Emporium

Zumbo, Melbourne Emporium

My first cake-based experience with Zumbo wasn’t a pleasant one and somehow ended with about two months of emailing back and forth with the marketing manager who promised to get me credit back. I legitimately can’t remember if I ever did get my money back but it didn’t stop me going back for more. The Zumbo store in the Emporium is a super handy location and at twenty bucks for a funky cake isn’t bad at all.


It was Joey’s birthday and I have no doubt he’d appreciate a little sweet treat for his special day, as he appreciates sweet treats on most days. Per the above image the Double Deckadulgence¬†is what I went for and the many components are listed as above. Lots of chocolate. Tinge of oranges. The double D is a hefty beast and probably could have done with some slimming down. It was ¬†very rich, dense product and its relative heaviness made it a bit difficult for use as a birthday prop. We struggled with the plastic cutlery we got from the fine folk at Royal Stacks. We liked the cake from Zumbo mostly enough, so no emails to the head office this time.


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