White Mojo, Melbourne

White Mojo, Melbourne

Yes, White Mojo is one of those cafes that prioritise visual impact. No, it’s not completely at the expense of the food. We dined in for a morning brunch before the tennis, grabbing and sharing three photo-worthy mains along the token whack drinks. Everything from the kitchen is completely ace in presentation and the flavours are vibrant, interesting and fancy.

White Mojo portions are¬†weird but generally conservative and service was friendly but clumsy with a drink order lost. Big breakfast wasn’t big enough. It does taste good. The sweet and sour waffle was especially tiny, but entirely yum. And we did like the chilli cheese scrambled egg but at this mass, it’s better shared as it was much too rich by itself. So, come for the pics, stay for the quality.

Mojo’s big breakfast ($21.50) was the first order and for a brunch option over the twenty dollar mark, we were hoping for more breakfast. This plate includes double smoked belly bacon, roasted mushroom, tomato, relish, rosti, halloumi, two eggs and a slice of bread. A single slice of bread is quite cringe and Jo was disappointed that it was chorizo “dust” and not actual chorizo. Everything on the plate is suitably tasty and the relish was a tangy touch to the dish. So left happy, but wanting more.

The second savoury dish came straightaway and the speed of the kitchen was nice. We didn’t have to wait long for a table (c.f. Hardware Societe) so it was refreshing to get the food fast as well. The chilli cheese scrambled eggs ($21) also surpasses the usual price points, and the dish includes fried chilli, mozzarella, chipotle mayo, double smoked belly bacon, toasted sweet corn scrambled eggs on brioche bun. This is is much bigger than the other plates and was a perfect level of spice and creaminess in the eggs. For the equivalent of a bacon and egg burger, it did well but we were quite content with our thirds. It is very rich and creamy.

White Mojo does the rounds with the unusual drinks and coffee art and we sampled a few options. Mine was the black latte with bonsoy ($6.50) with the syrup containing flavours of peanut, almond and black sesame. It’s an alright drink but expensive and ends up tasting like black sesame paste with milk. I guess that is a latte for you. I wouldn’t feel the immediate need to order it again, but the swan is cute. On the more outrageous end is the black coconut water ($8!!!) which has charcoal in it. It’s a bit of a rip and Jo said it tasted liked coconut water.. with a slight hint of charcoal.

We requested our sweet plate to be served last which worked a treat. This was the sweet and sour waffle with a green apple sorbet, meringue, lemon curd and berries. It’s an arresting sight to behold and captures plenty of praise as such. The waffle itself was small and wish there was more on the plate. I could do without the cone too, but yes, it does make it look cooler. So yeah, White Mojo, cool and pretty and decent eating but expensive for what you get.


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