Udon Yasan, Melbourne CBD

Udon Yasan, Melbourne CBD

Since last time I existed in Melbourne, Udon Yasan has since opened up a second location in the CBD. My previous visits to the original Udon Yasan had me raving about their convenience concept and fast service. So I’m not too surprised to see it has expanded.

If you’re new to the concept of Udon Yasan, it’s a cheap udon noodle-orientated restaurant. You get to the counter, make your choice of base noodle. Then you wait a minute or two, get the food, load with toppings and off you go. It’s marketed at a meal from $4.90 but ends up costing about $10 or so. Which by today’s standards is still very, very reasonable.

Udon know me

I love being able to swoop in and have your own meal, complete, with whatever you like in mere minutes. Some of the dishes/ items are a bit hit and miss, my general advice is to avoid the meat ones. And you don’t need to grab too much stuff it is pretty filling once it starts getting into your belly. Even the inari and egg bulk out the noodle-broth mix.

First choices are whether you want a hot or a cold dish, some come with beef, egg, kimchi etc etc. Most are broth-based and there’s a couple rice-fried thing combos if you don’t want noodles. But this is a noodle place, and that’s definitely what you should go for.

My recommendations: hot (unless it’s already super hot outside), the soft boiled egg (simple but great), the inari (nothing exciting but I just like inari) lots of spring onion, a few bits of tempura pieces. The fried stuff can be good if it’s fresh out of the fryer, otherwise you don’t know how long it’s been sitting out for…

Nice clean venue, again, I like the “please put your own dishes back” and “grab your own water/ tea”. It reminds me of the very efficient Scandinavian style diners. Overall Udon Yasan might not be too exciting, but it’s a decent cheap meal that isn’t a burger or fried.


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