Tropicana Juice Food Bar, Melbourne CBD

Tropicana Juice Food Bar, Melbourne CBD

The hanging bags of oranges outside the entrances of Tropicana Juice are surely one of the most iconic features across the Melbourne CBDscape. There’s two of these stores on Swanston and Elizabeth Street understandably, and according to the shouting sign it’s been here for a solid twelve years. It’s a nice change for a mom-and-pop type juice store rather than the stale yet functional Boost Juices constantly everywhere. Limited seating is available but I’m sure most people here are for the drinks, the food in the cabinet looked a bit too bought in to be great.


I had the mysteriously named South American Delight ($6), adorned with such claims of “natural high for four and a half hours” and “best juice on Earth with money back guarantee”. No ingredients are listed, only that it’s a top secret recipe from Brazil. There’s also special instructions to not stir which seemed like ominous foreshadowing. It’s a layered drink and the first sips taste of an apple base with hints of lemon. As you transition across the juice you’re introduced to berry notes of some unknown origin. Couldn’t really tell what any of it was, a fair drink but probably not the best juice on Earth. You can keep the money though six bucks for a juice is pretty good these days.


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