Shujinko, Melbourne

Shujinko, Melbourne

My friend recommended Shujinko as one of his top ramen picks in Melbourne, and as he had lived in Japan for a little bit I trusted his noodle-fu. And it was on point. Shujinko was  a place I had been wanting to hit for some time now, it formally being the infamous 24 hour ramen shop. These days it’s only a 21 hour affair and on evenings it can get pretty packed but on this merry afternoon it was clear. Service was super warm and cherry from the minute you step into the store.


We both went with the Shujinko ramen and ordered some dumplings as a side. Unfortunately we couldn’t have ordered anything from the fryer as that menu only started from 9pm. We were happy with what we did get. The pork belly in the ramen was great and meaty and despite the shape of the bowl suggesting otherwise, it was a big dish with a rich, flavoursome broth. Noodles were fresh and the dishes came out quickly. The marinated egg half was also yum. Shujinko’s definitely a good spot to hit, especially in the late hours.


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