Shuji Sushi, Melbourne CBD

Shuji Sushi, Melbourne CBD

I ran into town for lunch from Shuji Sushi, ordering a katsu curry rice bowl (donburi). It’s a good size, a lot of rice and it warmed me up. This was handy as it rained on the way back home. Overall, not the most interesting food but enough to keep you going for the day and hey, it is a chain.

I’m such a sucker for the Groupon. I always think I am getting some amazing deal and that I will easily want to use the offer later on. Most of the time it ends up being me sitting at home, watching the expiry date approach. I bought a voucher for the Shuji Sushi on Queen Street. And eventually I realised it was only open during annoying weekday hours. But due to working from home, I eventually¬† found a reason to use the (somewhat ill-fated) Groupon.

It’s a rather nice venue, with some cosy seating as well as the standard Shuji Sushi offering. There’s another one closer to my normal office and it’s all rather homogenised. These a decent corporate crowd at this store. This makes sense as it’s a handy location and Shuji Sushi is acceptable value for money. There’s a more limited selection on which to use the voucher (annoying T&C) so I end up getting with the katsu curry.

The staff are friendly and the food comes in a flash. It’s a huge piece of meat and other than a single cherry tomato and a stray salad leaf, there’s not much else to the curry and rice combo. Curry sauce is okay, a bit packet tasting if I’m being entirely honest. The meat is filling and I had plenty to keep my fill. For the price it isn’t too bad and I could get it again. After all that (I think) I’m happy with my Groupon decision. But not again for a little while please.


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