Scoopy Milk Bar by HWKR, Melbourne

Scoopy Milk Bar by HWKR, Melbourne

Let’s cut to the chase: Scoopy Milk Bar is so good! I haven’t found a Patbingsu that I liked so much, I’ll be definitely coming back. This Korean dessert features shaved ice served with toppings that can include fruit, condensed milk, syrups, beans and anything and everything else.

Mother of pearl

Scoopy Milk Bar is part of the very cool HWKR complex, a modern food court of sorts, where booking for a spot is the norm. It was bustling and we were lucky to find a free table. It’s not like a real hawker hall, nor the actual Hawker Hall of Windsor, it’s much too fancy and not too dirty at all.

There’s service! And it’s friendly. And a fancy option to chat via Facebook Messenger. There’s menus. A lot of the food did look quite good, but we were here for the desserts. I had seen Scoopy Milk Bar creep up the rankings on Zomato and now I fully understand why.

Bing it along

There’s five different patbingsu options at Scoopy Milk Bar and they’re all the same price at $9 for a regular size and $14 for a large. We shared two regulars and I think this was a good option. I wouldn’t have needed much more and it does melt rather fast given the ice flakes. Eat ’em quick.

Both flavours were so good. I’d suggest skipping the whipped cream because too much of it does make things a little heavy. The matcha bonsai is matcha flavoured and is served with red beans, mochi, lychee pearls, chocolate soil and almond flakes. The taro flavoured one features similar things, but with fruit jelly, popping pearls and chewy pearls. Both are served with condensed milk on the side; it’s up to you how much you want to indulge.

I like the amount of flavour the desserts at Scoopy Milk Bar have, and the toppings made it super flavourful and interesting. I like the crazy mix of textures alongside some Asian flavours. They also have a chocolate, milk tea and coffee flavour bingsu, so that’s on the cards for next time.


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