Sakura Kaiten II, Melbourne

Sakura Kaiten II, Melbourne

Things are a bit expensy dining at Sakura Kaiten II, but the restaurant is a bit of a novelty so it’s worth checking out at least the one time. From the front there’s walls lined with Dragonball Z and anime merchandise and the playfulness continues into the dining experience with food delivered on motorised trains. Such fun. Also, there’s a ridiculous roulette game you play after ordering five dishes, with the prize seemingly being more food. We didn’t win as I chose the chicken instead of cat. Life regrets.


A friend and I checked out Studio Ghibli’s The Red Turtle earlier in the evening with the Japanese theming evidently being continued into dinnertime. I’m not so sure about the items on the conveyer belt themselves, they rotated a few times and some of the options (e.g. tempura sushi) should be served fresh from the fryer and warm. The menu is much more extensive than the other similar executions around town, but the prices are that smidgen enlarged as well.


I accidentally ordered a seafood miso dish I didn’t quite dig, but I was quite pleased with the base teriyaki chicken sushi as well as the chicken karage. Duncan thought there was an overabundance of mayo and sauces on the dishes, especially the seafood ones he was going for. The food is pretty good across the train, and the made to order ones were all spot on.


Half the entertainment here is ordering the dishes to see them coming on the police or fire truck which automatically stops at your table, and you push a button for it to return to the kitchen. It’s a heap of fun and brings a smile each time. I never know when to stop with sushi trains, so had one final thing in the pumpkin croquette. This was tasty with straight and toasty fresh and a clean end to the palate. In the end an expensive but okay meal, definitely here for the fun factor as well.


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