Runya’s Room, Melbourne

Runya’s Room, Melbourne

There’s something ever so artificial about the experience at Runya’s Room, but the pastries are good enough to encourage a repeat visit. Ryan and I had been keen to check out this shiny new store in St Collins Lane for a while now and my French friend said the treats were authentic so that was enough to get us in the door. It’s a bustling ladies’ high-tea type of locale, so we must have stood out like a sore thumb but we were here for the cakes dammit. The store is opulently decorated though it doesn’t really do anything for me. Upon being seated we’re told we have to leave in an hour which is odd way to make a guest feel welcome. I wasn’t planning on eating that slowly but guess it pays to know.


We ordered some coffees and some cakes. The plates are Christina Re and bright and pretty and if my friend Joey was here we probably would have loved to nab one. Kidding! Individual cakes are $9.50 and number 1 was the vanilla millefeuille. This is plated oddly with two slices of fruit and was delectable with crusty layers and a ever-so-scrumptious custard filling. The staff member forgot the knife we asked for so I helped myself over at the station.┬áMaybe I should have checked out the Runya’s Room plate drawer whilst I was there, hmm.


The second treat was also plated the same way and was called a So Pretty, which a raspberry and vanilla macaron. Both dishes are on the pricey side for what you get, the Si Pretty was by all means a good macaron with yum raspberry and vanilla filling. Fresh and delicate flavours. We enjoyed our little visit at Runya’s Room for the most part but some unsavoury parts need some ironing out before it’s a real winner.


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