Rose Garden BBQ, Melbourne

Rose Garden BBQ, Melbourne

Rose Garden BBQ is such an iconic Melbourne eatery with the restaurant experience something for itself. For some diners this is the routine discount dining, for others you feel like you’re thrusted into some secret dining society. (And then ushered back outside quickly). I took my parents and we loved the experience; can’t ask for more for any less. Fast Chinese food with crazy portions.

Getting a table at Rose Garden BBQ is your first mission. Of the places around Elizabeth Street this still remains one of the firm favourites after all these years. That was a little bit tricker having a giant luggage bag in tow. Some hallmarks of Rose Garden BBQ are the hearty meals, the very low prices and of course, the lightning quick service. It’s all a bit much for some, it’s not the kind of place you want to be having long gossip sessions.

Once inside everything is a bit crammed and you’d hope you have your order decided quick! Not sure how patient the staff will be. One of the most popular dishes, at least on our night, were the egg fu yong/ omelette dishes. There were hundreds of eggs on standby, so this looks to be the norm! They’re great although sauce on an omelette is a new thing for me.

We also ordered a wonton soup and a serve of the barbecued meats. One dish per person is more than enough, although I’d be quietly impressed if you can get through that. The three of us had a great time with all the dishes and they came mere minutes after being ordered.

It’s all yummy and nothing it too exotic or crazy to try. Again, like a typical Chinese restaurants there is a dozen ways you can have your noodles/ rice / omelette. And at these prices you can’t afford it.


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