Purple Peanuts, Melbourne

Purple Peanuts, Melbourne

Just around the corner from big ol’ Southern Cross station is a little Japanese cafe called Purple Peanuts, which seems to be rather cemented as a Melbourne gastronomic identity. Probably largely for it’s proximity, heavy foot traffic and being one of few ethnic eating options around here.

It’s a tiny cafe with limited seating, with the menu existing as random pieces of butcher paper with noodle, rice and curry options alongside questionable burger ones. I’ve only ever ventured into the more traditional options so can’t comment as to the later.


I’ve had the teriyaki chicken and the chicken curry and both were great options. Not the biggest portions for someone of my appetite, but great price, fast and some ideal for a quick bite between commutes. Something about the chicken curry made me think not to order it again. It doesn’t quite come to mind though.

Pro tip: go for offpeak hours as can be a bit too crowded at times


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