Om Vegetarian, Melbourne

Om Vegetarian, Melbourne

No Oms and ahs, it’s been a hectic week and that calls for some food delivery! I’ve recently moved houses and have yet to get some appliances so that means eating out (for better or worse) for the next little while. It also meant my first ever experience at Om Vegetarian. It’s been one of the cheap dingy eateries which never really appealed to me. I walked past it a lot. However in the delivery format, it gave us some good vegetarian options and some very good size serves considering the price.


With the weather as cold as it is, Deliveroo is coming in handy. But it’s a shame they aren’t 100% on their game. Our food took over two hours to arrive. Not sure if that was a fault of the courier or the restaurant but it was rather ridiculous and quite frustrating for two hungry tummies. I’m a bit put off by the service but I’m still thankfully I got the meal in the end.

We ordered one of the thali of the day ($10ish) and one of the Palak Paneer. Both dishes also came with naan bread (and it’s two big pieces) and we ordered a couple of sides as well. As you might expect, the fried stuff doesn’t travel too well, but the curries certainly too. It’s a bit of a messy eat so probably not the best idea to eat on my new bed.

Paneer and far

The serves are a great size, you get plenty of rice (kinda dry though) and the hot food is filling. Of the two dishes that came with the thali meal we preferred the lentils. That and the potatoes are both watery. I was quite happy with my paneer. For what is the cheapest paneer I’ve had – you get a flavourful curry and lots of cubes of the cottage cheese. So overall I think there’s some good eating to be had at Om Vegetarian and I’d consider popping in next time I walk past instead.

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