Old Town White Coffee, Melbourne

There’s a few Malaysian restaurant chains that migrated over to Melbourne, one of the lesser known ones is Old Town which is over on Elizabeth Street. The menu options and service was fabulous but I was a bit disappointed with my meal. I wouldn’t recommend heading back for this dish at least, but there could be unknown merit in some of the other hundred menu options.

I ordered the Hainanese chicken chop which promised crispy fried chicken served with an authentic Hainanese style sauce with butter rice. Being a Malaysian place, the menu was highly visual and my plate really didn’t really compare, with everything in being much smaller quantities and missing the potatoes. Just look at it. Even without the visual comparison, it simply wasn’t a good dish which little to no actual chicken and all the ingredients not seeming fresh or prepared with care. I was excited but the prospect of the butter rice but there was nothing to it.

I think the issue here is the menu is too big and they should focus on selling and doing a few really well, rather than try to emulate the model as exactly as in Malaysia.


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