Nitro Lab, Melbourne

Nitro Lab, Melbourne

Liquid nitrogen has always seem like a bit of a one trick pony to me, but hey, it’s still around and I’ve checked out Nitro Lab a few times for novelty’s sake. It’s a mixed result depending on what flavour you get, but ultimately I prefer to stay to the tried and true air and cold temperate based ice-cream and gelato here. The nitrogen process makes for a weird, glutinous texture of the product and I don’t think it’s one I can find myself enjoying having it on a regular basis anytime soon.


You don’t really get the theatrics of the performance either, most of the dish is already prepared and it’s just a matter of them scooping it out and then putting some basic bitch toppings on it. I’m rather unimpressed¬†most of the garnishes are straight out of the grocery store. I want authenticity, please.¬†Of the selections we’ve had, preferences have been along the caramel/ chocolate route, the fruit ones should be avoided as they taste (even more) like sugary glue stick.


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