Maxims Cakes and Pastry, Melbourne

Maxims Cakes and Pastry, Melbourne

A great little Asian bakery in town, that isn’t Breadtop. Maxims Cakes & Pastry are famous for their egg custard tarts. These guys can be quite tough to get as they sell out fast, and for optimal eating aim to get it when it’s fresh out of the oven. I liked the butteriness of the crust of my tart with a hot, eggy, creamy custard filling. Two bucks makes it a cheap eat, and everything in the bakery is well priced. On other occasions I’ve had the cake (below is the chestnut sponge) as well as their savoury options like the ham and cheese bun. The savoury stuff is generally better with a bit of microwave action, quality on items does vary. Small and cramped, it’s a good little unassuming bakery that’s been around for twenty years with more to come.


Above is the chestnut sponge cake. I ordered a slice, but you can of course, order a full cake and they look good. Presentation on the cake is fair, I would have preferred a richer chestnut flavour to the filling.


The egg tart. It took me a few attempts to get one as it consistently sells out but the staff member kindly told me when the next batch was due. At $2 something it’s cheaper than the Hokkaido cheese tart and when warm it has an enviable melt-in-your-mouth feeling. Crust is a little heavier than I would like but decent for the price.


And one of the savoury buns. I do prefer the ones over at Breadtop as the base dough tastes a bit dry here. Heating it up helps.


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