Lord of the Fries, Flinders, Melbourne

Lord of the Fries, Flinders, Melbourne

Food options are painfully limited over at Flinders Street Station. At least with Melbourne Central there’s a couple foodcourts. So much less here, with little to no seating. Hell, even some of the generic fast food could be handy. For a quick little evening bite I grab a few burgers from one of the two Lord of the Fries at Flinders.

Flight or fries

Like many people, I was initially confused by what exactly Lord of the Fries was and slightly taken aback when I realised the burger I was eating was not meat.

I mean, you can definitely taste it, but the lack of signage doesn’t shout that it doesn’t contain meat. Everything around Flinders Street Station is so transitional, it makes you feel uncomfortable trying to sit and chill for a bit. That extends to the line of fine options, it’s all grab and go in spirit. There’s a few questionably dirty tables that you can sit within the station, and that’s where I end up too.

This Lord of the Fries has a neat mechanic in a single DIY order screen, though I had to speak to a real person since my order was using my Entertainment Book App. The deal was for two burgers, so I get one of the original and one of the chicken. There’s double-sided counters so you can order both inside and outside of the station.

I forgot the burgers from these guys are a fair size so I couldn’t finish my meal. (Note: mini burger sizes also available). The food takes a couple minutes. I haven’t yet had the fries actually, I need to remind myself to do that sometime.

It tastes like chicken

The two burgers are up and then I start plowing into both of them sequentially. I do like the chicken burger here. There’s two slim patties and it’s a weird tasting mix thats alright to me. Mushroom-like fibres, chicken-like tasting. The cheese is plastic and okay, and the mayo isn’t drowning the burger or anything.

The other burger/ patty is weird and polarising even to the same set of tastebuds. It sure doesn’t taste like meat (lentils?) but I ended up finishing it without feeling too bitter so it passes. So for a quick bite the chicken burger from Lord of the Fries can hit the spot for me, but this venue doesn’t/ can ‘t offer much in the way of ambience.


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