Krimper Cafe, Melbourne

Krimper Cafe, Melbourne

Even since a friend showed me the discovery of Krimper Cafe, it’s been one of my mainstays for city brunches that are a little hidden from the crowds. If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll probably never find this place – Guildford Lane has always been an exciting labyrinth of interesting buildings that skew between creepy abandoned warehouse or hipster cafe/ bike shop/ art thing. Anyway, this is a cafe. As you could have guessed.


I’ve been exactly four times and have had four very different experiences – all good ones mind you. Service has never been anything but great and there’s no crazy queueing these days. I’ve most recently had the baba dish – a glorified dessert for breakfast pretty much, and that was quite the treat. Light and interesting and not too sugary (I like to think). They used to have a breakfast dish I quite liked with eggs, pork belly, Mexican bread and other interesting things, but that seems to have made it way off the menu as it keeps updating. I also really enjoyed the baked eggs as pictured, that doesn’t seem to be around as well these days either. A very good secret breakfast spot worth discovering for yourself.


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