Jimmy Grants, Melbourne

Coming to Melbourne one thing that stood out to me is how good the quality of food courts was. I’m a sucker for the speed and convenience of a decent mall courtyard and most of the time I’ve been pleasantly surprised. The general consensus was that most had stodgy, laziness-punishing sweet and sour mysteries. Emporium does a solid job and in part due to having some great chains in the mix. Jimmy Grants has stores across Melbourne and the food court version is a solid entry.

The space in the foodcourt on Level 4 is considerable so it’s usually not too packed and the service at Jimmy Grants is mostly fast so you can just wait in the queue. Arguably there’s isn’t a lot of things the staff need to do other than fry, roll meat and wrap.

I went with the Chicken Souvlaki and did a side of fries. It somewhat confusing as the menu perpetuates fries with the souvlaki, but in actuality, the fries are in the souvlaki. I guess I’m not so used to that but times are a changing. The non-in-meal fries were served with feta and garlic oil, which was great to begin with before turning into a salty oily mess I was happy to avoid like a charity collector.

The souvalki bread itself was really good and the chicken was very good quality. I like the mix of the sauces which wasn’t messy or overwhelming. So definitely worth another bite, there’s various meats available, maybe just pass on gorging on chips.

Pro tip: maybe skip the fries