Hanaichi, Melbourne CBD

Hanaichi, Melbourne CBD

I’ve spent many a lunch or dinner time wandering around Melbourne CBD aimlessly, looking for a food option that’s light, light on the wallet and at least student-quality good. As such I’ve found myself at Hanaichi on many of those occasions. Even after another few years living here, I still love it. Hanaichi hasn’t ever let me down for a good, satisfying Japanese bite.

Miso hungry

I’ve worked my way through most of the menu at Hanaichi and you can’t really go wrong when any single dish isn’t even pushing the ten dollar mark. (Even after a few more years, this remains largely the case). There’s two sizes for each of the menu choices but I do well with the regular.

Back in the day they used to do combo meals where you could actually get two dishes in the one plate. But these days the experience is a little different, you get real plastic bowls rather than paper ones. What hasn’t changed is how quick the food comes to you. The server shouts out to the kitchen and then it gets prepared on the spot.

The rice is nice

My favourite dish of the bunch is the Miso Katsu-Don and it was spying that at the table next door at the board game meetup that first inspired my interest in the place. It’s the picture that’s on the top of this blog post (I think). The miso katsu is almost teriyaki-like sauce.┬áIt’s a deep fried chicken cutlet with a sweet miso sauce served with tasty pickles, salad and rice.

Everything else at Hanaichi is fairly reasonable too, oftentimes not amazing but does the trick when you’re in an indecisive food fix like me. It’s a shame there’s not more of them around the city, it’s a chain I don’t mind frequenting. The QV store has had a makeover in more recent years too, there’s plenty of seating, it’s clean and kinda perfect for people watching as well.


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