Gami, Melbourne

Gami, Melbourne

I’m always on the hunt for tasty, tasty fried chicken and Gami probably makes it on my current top. There’s a few stores about for the chain but we headed to the one in the city, nearby a heap of other worthwhile Korean options. Getting a table in this tiny store is a bit of a hurdle, we had to wait a good twenty on our occasion before we get plonked down. Couldn’t even order first either. We ordered a mix of sides to get us started and these were fair, nothing spectacular yet. The dumplings did the trick but not everyone enjoyed the fried rice cake. It was a bit too sweet for me, but I made sure I finished my set, naturally.

General issue dumplings

Food seem to take a decent amount of time to arrive, particularly expedited from the standing-around-waiting-for-a-table but we were relived when the chicken finally arrived. We had the boneless option with the soy  garlic and original fried flavour choices. I internally debated which I preferred for a good while, but they both have their merits. The chicken was great quality and it was satisfying to eat. Eh, advanced chicken nuggets if you like. The sauce on the chicken wasn’t as overbearing as on the sauce on the rice cake but I preferred to shake mine off a little more. It confidently remained crispy fried throughout.


I can see why there’s a few Gami’s about and it’s a really fun experience to have. It makes for a cool group eating experience and it doesn’t come out too expensive either.

Pro tip: focus on the meat


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