Dolan Uyghur Food Heaven, Melbourne CBD

Dolan Uyghur Food Heaven, Melbourne CBD

The name may be bold but everything else about Dolan Uyghur Food Heaven is the very definition of understated. It’s one of those establishments I wouldn’t have given a second look to, however one of my friends had recommend it. It’s one of her special lunch spots and I’m so glad she took me. Uyghur cuisine is a collision of east meets west, and it’s one worth adding to your dining history.

Northwest of China

You probably haven’t tried this before!

It’s a whole new style of Chinese cuisine at Dolan Uyghur that tastes different with some familiar flavours from two distinct regions. The Uyghur people (pronounced ooy-goor) are from the Northwestern part of China. They have traditionally lived in the snow-covered Tangritah Mountain in the Xin Jiang Autonomous Region. This makes for more hearty meals with different meats including camel, mutton, goose and flavours such as celery, peppers, dairy foods and fruits.

There are two Dolan Uyghur Food Heaven stores, one here in the heart of the city and the other one is in Box Hill. The dining room is rustic, that’s the most polite way to describe it. Heh. Service is also a bit flat, but the food is good and features some tasty spices and almost Mediterranean styles. The new and exciting factor makes it pop for me.

Chilli kickin’

We share two dishes, one is the spicy stir-fried homemade noodle and the second is the chicken skewers, served with rice. It’s a good value lunch and we barely get through it all. The noodles have a pleasant, chewy texture and they pack lots of flavour. For me, it is cruising on the too spicy side, so make sure to get some water at hand. Phew.

I like the very chunky lamb skewers for the most part. I do find them dry without a sauce, or a salad-type side. You get a good amount for your money and I’m glad we had the noodle as it will be a bit bland having this without anything else for lunch.


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