Dessert Story, Melbourne CBD

I reckon Dessert Story is a pretty big deal around these parts, with a Taiwanese/ Asian styled dessert and snack menu that offers plenty of options as well as lateish hours. Sad to see the Swanston St one close, that one had a nicer toilet. I haven’t managed to convince all of my friends into the wonders of Asian desserts yet but I’ll keep trying.

The menu is super visual at Dessert Story and my favourite dish is the uber ethnic taro ball with pearls, sweet potato, barley and herbed ice. It doesn’t sound like much but I got hooked into it after the first time I was accidentally given it. It’s a great mix of flavours and textures without ever being too sweet and the chewiness of the balls is yum.

On my first visit my more experienced friends recommended the mango pomelo sago in coconut milk and this is now also my absolute recommendation for Dessert Story virgins. It’s a light, pleasant sago dish with a great zest and it goes down a treat. Not everything here is as wondrous. The crushed ice is terribly unappealing to me and the one time I ordered the glutinous rice it was so gluely and hard to eat. Stick to good options. Dessert Story’s a nice way to end the night after dinner around these parts.


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