Dessert Story, Melbourne CBD

Dessert Story, Melbourne CBD

Dessert Story has been my reliable late night evening sweet bite go-to for a little now, with this store open to midnight or later every day. The pace is hectic and the menu is eclectic, but there are some real treats to be had amongst the peeling pages of the menus and plasticky tableware. Some of the menu options are decidedly more traditional, so your predisposition towards Taiwanese and Hong Kong-styled desserts will be a key determinant of your enjoyment of this David Loh-founded chain. Cheap enough to feel without guilt on the wallet as a plus.

My last visit saw me taking my auntie and cousins for a post-dinner bite. The menu offers pages and pages of assorted treats, including puddings, herbal jellies, bubble teas and snow ice. If you’ve frequented this type of venue before, it’ll all be largely familiar but for the uninitiated, the menu options can be entirely overwhelming. Icons and recommendations feature visually to aid you in your navigation of things.


I guided the group on this evening, ordering my two favourites with the herbal ice, taro ball, pearls, herbal jelly and cream arriving first. I love this bowl, but it can be an acquired taste with a liquorice-like quality to same of the components. I enjoy the mix of cold ice and warm taro balls, with the cream soaking through the elements. Good balance of everything that’s there and the guys enjoyed it too.


The second order was for the mango, pomelo, sago in mango juice. This is usually a crowd pleaser and a much more mild and accessible option for those that might be scared off by some of the item descriptions. I do prefer the coconut milk option, but sago itself is an enjoyable jelly-like substance with the richness of the mango. The pomelo addition is a great contrast with a zesty flavour.

Things didn’t stop there. We ordered a bowl of the sweet tofu pudding with honey, and my auntie was so impressed she ended up ordering another one straight after. She enjoyed the texture of the tofu here and it was a universal fave, other than being a bit on the sweet side. So yeah, Dessert Story is worth a read into, and I’m keen to pop in again for another fix of these dishes.


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