Cookie, Melbourne

Cookie, Melbourne

I don’t often have leaving-the-country dinners, but when I do, I pick the biggest and most central spot I know of. And Cookie is perfect for both of those. The huge space in the centre of Swanston Street accommodates many. As well as the handy spot, there’s no booking required, we could easily find a space for ourselves in the beer hall on the night. At a cursory glance it looks like a mere bar venue, but take a bite and you’ll know there’s a solid Asian-fusion kitchen. The food ordering of the beer hall component is trample-over-people and madly-queue-order at the counter.


Food came out at a lightning pace, with dishes magically arriving upon mere moments of reclaiming one’s seat. That, or the drinks were getting to me. Probably both. The prices are as enormous as the menu, but the quality is good and I was happy with my green curry with chicken and corn dumplings, yard beans and basil ($28.50). I had swiped some of Jo’s deep fried five-spice chicken ($23.50) and that was also tasty. I enjoyed the service at Cookie for our big group and it did the trick for one of my last gasps of the eating scene.





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