Brim CC, Melbourne

I enjoy venturing to different spots for lunch, much like I enjoy writing up about them. It feels like collecting new memories as if I was filling up a passport or an extra organ. I decided to head over to Brim CC for lunch this week, it is a highly rated Japanese cafe near Southern Cross and I ended becoming a fan too.

It has a cute charm in service and presentation and seems to have a considerably corporate populace when I ventured in. Seating is sparse, so it’s a bit of a gamble, although covers are pretty quick with pretty much everyone going for the ready-to-dish-out curry options. For a bit of prettiness, I tried the Tokyo bento.


For $12 you get a medley of tasty, colourful items and I really enjoyed the variety you get on the plate. It’s an unusual combo for me, with eggplant, tofu, carrot, meatball, mashed potato and rice balls. A mix of flavours, textures and temperatures. There was surprise tuna in one of the onigiri which I didn’t enjoy as a non-seafoodie, but solid flavours across all the items. Definitely would return to try the popular curry or soups, and they do dinner and delivery too.

Pro tip: go