Bowery to Williamsburg, Melbourne

Bowery to Williamsburg, Melbourne

Hidden away in Oliver Lane (and also in Hardware Lane, mind you) is an New York-themed brunch spot called Bowery to Williamsburg, with a menu that won’t leave you hangry but may leave you gasping for air. A group of work colleagues, both ex and current, enjoyed a fantastic meat-filled and gossip-filled start to our Grand Final mornings. I started things off with the peanut butter hot chocolate which I deemed acceptable but not quite exceptional.

Eggsactly me

My food order was for the appetite-culling Steak and Eggs, with scotch fillet on top of a bricohe bun served with two fried eggs, bacon, potatoes under a thick dollop of tarragon Béarnaise sauce. I mostly enjoyed the dish but found it exceeding rich due to the Béarnaise, and the bacon was overdone and the brioche left a little too soggy. Mind you I did know what I was getting myself in for. I mainly think the elements set aside or apart may have made the dish more easy to manage/ digest.

Just wing it

The rest of the table opted for waffle-orientated offerings with two orders of the southern fried chicken waffle.  This dish came with whipped spice butter, hot sauce and maple syrup. The girls seemed pretty content with the plates of joy.

Berry big serves

The sweet tooth in our group went for the vanilla berry waffles which was served with a vanilla berry compote, berries, maple syrup and chantilly cream and she was highly satisfied with the delivery. The sandwich options (largely American as well) that came to the other parts of the shared table looked fantastic and they do a combo offer on weekdays that is worth investigating. Much like the meals we ordered they also looked delightful and excessive. Overall we enjoyed our American-styled start to the day at Bowery to Williamsburg, I may just prefer something a wee bit lighter next time.


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