Bing Boy, Emporium, Melbourne

Bing Boy, Emporium, Melbourne

A foodie friend had actually recommended to check out Bing Boy as someone new to Australia. It’s a pretty cool concept with basically made-on-demand wraps with asian flavours. Bing Boy is a chain franchise with a few stores all over the malls, and it makes for a fun alternative for a bite. Half the entertainment is in watching them make the wrap in front of your eyes on the gigantic round grills.

It’s a wrap

I had the “Pretty n Peking” Bing Boy which was peking duck, cucumber, carrot, salad and hoisin sauce. Basically a whack version of my favourite duck pancakes that I occasionally get at asian stores. It’s a pretty good inflated version of that it makes for an enjoyable wrap option.

Pro tip: watch out for the puddle at the end


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