Aki Sushi, Melbourne

Aki Sushi, Melbourne

Occasionally I like to feel bad about myself, so I when I saw the fried items-lined asian smorgasbord at Aki Sushi, I was keen to check it out. Everything in the cabinet looked decent enough and was cheap enough, but not terribly great as food unfortunately. Despite all of that, the place was reasonably busy on this working lunch hour so there’s a crowd ┬ácoming in from somewhere.


$10 for the Medium size and I had fried rice with honey chicken and tofu and vegetables. Actually, the tofu and vegetables was quite alright, a bit too much on the sauce though. I like my rice like I like my humour, mostly dry. Honey chicken didn’t have any sense of crispiness so that was all a bit of a loss. Maybe fresh from the fryer could have been a different story. Might be better off trying the cook-to-order options or trying something else. When seated, the stools in the cafe sunk uncomfortably low. Also, way too many birds inside.


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