8bit., Melbourne CBD

8bit., Melbourne CBD

My first experience of 8bit in the city was terrible, and I vowed never to return. But I was hungry and enticed by the offer of a free burger (via the Liven app) that it made me go in for another go. And I’m glad I did. It was considerably better than the first time, which may have been marred by new hype syndrome.

8bit evolution

The first 8bit began it’s life over in Footscray. The quality of the burgers made it a worthwhile junk foodie pilgrimage years ago. These days amazing burgers are found in every corner of Melbourne so there’s stacks (excuse the slight pun) of competition. And no need for making it so much of a trip (unless, maybe Fergburger).

8bit looks like it has maintained some of the hype. The store on Swanston Street still remains busy with the lunch crowd based on my single, cursory inspection. Being (initially) jobless and (somewhat) penniless, the free burger offer was all too enticing for me.

I went again for the Golden Axe. Not the game, the burger which is 8bit’s take on a fried chicken option. For the record, I do find the theme a bit tacked on as an actual gamer and lover of retro culture. Outside the name of the burgers and maybe the eclectic colour palette, 8bit strikes as a standard burger joint.

Rating level up!

This chicken burger was so much better the one two years ago. I remember having the most burnt chicken patty and the whole thing was only describable as sloppy. But now I have a much happier box of burger, with a just fried, and fried right patty with the same spicy mayo without it having leaked all over the pun. This time I came in at an offpeak time, so there was a little more love in these buns. Flavourful, satisfying and everything you’d want in a fast food burger.

I still find 8bit a little expensive for what you get (especially with the sides) but as a burger joint, it’s definitely above average now/ for now.


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