11 Inch Pizza, Melbourne CBD

11 Inch Pizza, Melbourne CBD

11 inches! Makes for a good size dinner. Cough. For my most recent dinner party I once again headed for the Deliveroo app and prayed that 11 inch Pizza would get me some tasty grub in time. (unlike last time). Mild success of both fronts. The pizza was tasty and food was only an hour late. (But that’s still half the time of my first experience).

11 steps

I haven’t heard of 11 Inch Pizza before but my friend (also called) Sam said it was decent and he had grabbed it a few times for work lunches. Pizza always seem like a fair option for food delivery (outside of Asian cuisines). The 11 Inch pizza store itself is located centrally near Little Collins x Elizabeth Street.

For the four of us I thought three pizzas would suffice and it was a pretty good guesstimate, if I do say so myself. I had the same Deliveroo driver and this time I clued on to order the food a bit earlier and kinda glad I did rather than battle it out for peak evening order time.

Pizza choices

To satiate the meat cravings I had one of the Meat Fest and then two vegetarian pizzas that was a bit more shareable with a vegetarian in mind. The Meat Fest ($20) contains ALL the meats: ham, chicken, bacon, chorizo, salami and sausage. The BBQ sauce is an extra which I forgot to add on, but I’m kinda pleased that I didn’t since I’m not such a fan of it. Although it could have done with a sauce.

I was thrilled with the two vegetarian options that we got from 11 inch Pizzas too. Both were light and interesting enough with having meat. The Zucca ($18.50) is the pumpkin pizza which also featured pine nuts, goat’s cheese and spinach. The sweetness of the pumpkin along with the creaminess of the cheese make it easy to get into.

The other vegetarian pizza was the Ricotta ($18.50) which has toppings of zucchini, ricotta, caramelised onions, provolone and parmesan. It’s a white pizza so no tomato base, the cheeses again making this choice also quite a creamy and filling bite. Three solid pizzas that traveled okay (not the hottest which was the only thing), but I’d be keen to check out the full experience from 11 Inch Pizza.


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