Kyodai Katsu, Carnegie, Melbourne

Kyodai Katsu, Carnegie, Melbourne

I feel like I’ve had a bit of a tonkatsu renaissance of late, having been lucky enough to visit Japan and visit some top tonkatsu restaurants around the world. Closer to home, we have Melbourne’s second katsu specialist restaurant: Kyodai Katsu in Carnegie.

Wood you try?

Clean lines and polished wood greets you at Kyodai Katsu. It’s a rather empty atmosphere for a late lunch on a weekend, but I’m enjoying the relative tranquility and cleanliness. Service is fair and the food comes nice and quickly. Both dishes we order look impressive and they are legitimate Sam-sized serves. Expect to have a little leftover for later.

Kyodai Katsu’s offering rates above average in my tonkatsu over the last year. We order the chicken katsu don ($13.90) which comes with egg, bonito flakes and a miso soup. Warning: there is a lot of bonito garnish! My friend and I both thought the other liked bonito, so we didn’t ask for it to be left out. But I find it overpowering for me, since I don’t like a a fishy taste as much.

The tonkatsu sauce on the don was a bit flat compared to the (homemade) ones I’ve had in the last year that really wowed me. Although you can’t see it in the picture, the katsu is a decent amount and I liked both the egg and the pickles. The chicken katsu uses a thigh piece so that makes it more flavourful and less dry than a schnitzel-type thing.

Meets the katsu

I was also plenty happy with the chicken katsu curry. This is $15.90 so makes it a bit more expensive than other ones but the amount of meat is very good. The curry is a good flavour, it doesn’t taste like packet and there’s the sprinkling of potato and carrots to make it hearty. The katsu is freshly fried (I believe they make their own panko) and the teishoku sets have them properly served with the katsu on a wire rack (for maximum crunchiness).

Overall we were happy with our experience with Kyodai Katsu. It’s a nice and shiny addition to the gentrifying Carnegie, and I’m more than happy to support the growth of some more tonkatu places!


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