Koko Black, Maribyrnong, Melbourne

Koko Black, Maribyrnong, Melbourne

This was my first visit to the Koko Black chain of chocolate shops. My friends raved about their products and being of a sweet tooth, it was imperative that I had checked it out too. I veered away from the drinks and chocolates and ordered one of the dessert offerings. This was the Salted Caramel Delice ($10.50). I wasn’t sold on the dish as it was excessively sugary and the hot caramel sauce over the cold mousse didn’t make complete sense to me. The drinks we had were quite good, and their take home offerings are both delicious and expensive. I especially like the salted cashew nut brittle inclusion.


Koko Black has a extensive range of options and outside of the cabinet chocolates there’s baked items, bites, toasted sandwiches, dessert, ice-cream, hot chocolates and other iced drinks. My dessert was described as a caramel chocolate mousse and caramelized white chocolate brulee with a luminous, chewy caramel centre. I did rather enjoy the mousse in isolation, but didn’t feel the caramel added anything other than mild table theatre. The sweetness of the concoction overpowered the other flavours of the dish.


Alvin had the Iced Chocolate ($9) which is the signature hot chocolate poured over chocolate and vanilla bean ice cream.


I took a little sip of the Belgian Hot Chocolate ($7) in the Chilli variety. There’s also classic Belgian, Mocha, Cinnamon, Orange and Hazelnut options. Whilst it appeared to be a syrup contribution, I did enjoy the flavour and the drink was also well presented. Service over our time at Koko Black was excellent, but the item I had on this day was too sweet and looked finesse. The chocolates and barks are good and make for a well received gift on any occasion.


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