Taco Bill, Kensington, Melbourne

Taco Bill, Kensington, Melbourne

Over the last few months I’ve found myself at the Taco Bill in Kensington a couple times. For two reasons: it’s near my friends’ place and Taco Bill have a great weekday offer (check site for validity) with 50% off the main meals. So it makes for a nice sit down experience compared to other Mexi options there are in Melbourne. And very light on the budget too.

It fits the bill

Taco Bill isn’t the finest Mexican food around, but the price and lovely service make it a worthwhile stop for a mid-week family fix. There is quite a range when it comes to the menu options (although some of it ends up tasting the same).

They also do giant sangrias (and other novelty-size drinks) with lots of flavour options. Again, it wasn’t my favourite cocktail mix (too subtle) but it was alright at the time. You also get a bonus Taco Bill hat if that’s up your alley.

Insert cheese here

I always forget what Mexican dish is what, other than the more familiar items. At my two visits to Taco Bill Kensington I’ve ordered the Quesadilla Suprema chicken ($22 full price) and the La Combinacion ($24). The latter comes with one each of an enchilada, taco and taquito.  The taquito is a rolled, baked tortilla. The enchilada is rolled tortilla with a filling and covered in sauce. A taco is a taco. The food is as good as any fast food Mexican, but not the most exciting or progressive flavour combinations.

One of the nice touches at a Taco Bill is you get some corn chips to nibble on as soon as you sit down. The dishes often require some baking so the wait times is a bit longer than your usual fast food fare. And both times at the Kensington branch, we’ve found the staff here super pleasant.

So whilst it might not do your Instagram much favours, you’ll still find a good filling meal at Taco Bill Kensington.


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