Laksa King Kitchen, Flemington, Melbourne

Laksa King Kitchen, Flemington, Melbourne

The cleaner sister of Laksa King is here. The recipes might be the same and the location is almost the same, but overall the experience at Laksa King Kitchen falls into the shadow of the original. But there’s pros: there’s no queue and it’s way cleaner and more spacious.

My parents were back in town and I couldn’t remember if I had taken them to the original Laksa King. I still don’t know, but I’m leaning to yes. The wait on a mid-week evening at Laksa King is crazy, particularly so for a group of five. So feeling weak we waddled over to the shiny new Laksa King Kitchen. Apparently it’s from a relative of the Laksa King owner, and apparently the recipes might also be the same.

Overall we enjoyed all the foods, but the consensus was that it wasn’t as good as the original Laksa King. Perhaps things were too clean tasting, the pots not having had the history of thousands of bowls of laksa going through them.

We tried a number of dishes and in a normal lens it was all enjoyable but a couple dishes were quite dry. The chicken rice that came with Hainanese chicken was bone dry, it tastes as if it was reheated from a while back. The laksa wasn’t as flavourful as the one offered from the mother.

The noodles were our best bet, no complaints there and they featured a good variety of toppings. The prices at Laksa King Kitchen are a slight notch up from those around the corner.

There are some solid perks with this place. The restaurant was quite empty so it was easy to find a table upon entry and it’s nice and clean. This one is over two floors too.

So overall Laksa King Kitchen is still alright as an alternative to the always busy Laksa King. If this was any other neighbourhood we would be plenty happy. But between the two, it’s tough to stray from the original.


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