Kensington Pizza, Kensington, Melbourne

Kensington Pizza, Kensington, Melbourne

There’s a surprising amount of pizza options on Gower Street of Kensington! I guess the locals love the pie here. We headed over to Kensington Pizza for an evening snack. It was close to my friend’s house and the quality was (allegedly) better than the dingy place we usually go to. We ordered the Peri Peri chicken and this was a solid 4/5.

Peri-peri nice

I have a few friends in Kensington these days, and it’s a nice leafy suburb. The houses are so huge as is the walk from the train station. There’s also pockets of food places on all the main strips. The one was one of them and it’s a good fill when you don’t have everything the city offers.

At Kensington Pizza we went for the large, gourmet Peri-Peri pizza which works out to be $20 or $10 p/person. Four slices is enough. We ordered for pickup but ended up eating then and there, which worked out better. We got it while it’s still hot, and the staff are accommodating enough to offer some water. There’s some weird channel showing only clips of off-road vehicles which is amusing entertainment.

The pizza is quite good. There’s a good spread of toppings, some complementary sauces and the spice levels are good. The store is unassuming and the menu is big and crazy, but Kensington Pizza is a worthy spot if you need some pizza in a flash.


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