Frying Colours, Kensington

This food memory comes in the form of fried chicken – the best kind of chicken. And also the best kind of fired. Frying Colours (name already sold me) had a little hiatus between closing – renovating – coming back to life and although I haven’t been to the reborn experience I’ll assume it won’t be too much of a diversion from before.

It’s a little bit out of the way from my normal city-based livelihood but it added to the charm and ultimately was worth the trip out. The venue itself is a cooly decorated spot and we found ourselves a table easily enough without too much of a crowd on this weekday outing. We were here for the meat and that’s the extent to what we ordered. We mixed it up with original recipe and sweet soy on the side. I enjoyed both and perhaps may have preferred the sauce mixed it as it wasn’t quite doused to my liking.


It came with the most token quantity of the usual turnip and I had a side of rice although I don’t really know why in retrospect. The chicken was delightfully crispy to the last bite and in getting a full chicken, was a huge portion size. Some of the pieces were a bit bony and small and weird shaped but I guess that’s down to the animal. Definitely was a fan experience and was as fun as the name suggested.

Pro tip: go share and come hungry