Okami, Footscray, Melbourne

Okami, Footscray, Melbourne

I was rather hesitant to be dining at Okami, as all you can eat restaurants aren’t usually my kind of thing. I generally minimise displays of excess (cough!). The restaurant has a few branches all over the ‘burbs and for $29.80 you can stuff-yourself-until-you-can’t-breathe. It’s all pretty appealing and was one of the more pumping places on Hampton Street, Footscray. No real complaints but did feel there was a salty aftertaste after getting home.

The service person wasn’t particularly warm, with an air of suspicion that we were trying to game the system every time we ordered. We didn’t eat that much for the record, at least compared to the pro man date couple next door. Okami also tend to offer Groupon deals every now and then, so that might be a worth a look in if you’re keen.

All items came quick and were good portions with a serve of salad. Guess they try to slow you down with those leaves. Ha! They weren’t overbearing with leaving salad there which was nice. There’s a few warnings around about not wasting food etc. Nice try number two.

Most of the food items were good not otherworldly. If there was one dish we’d suggest avoiding it would be the miso steak. The quality of the steak wasn’t quite there. The other item was the chicken karage which had an unusual sourness in the coating. The fried rice as above, is good, huge portion, a little lacking in ingredients. Ha another strategy from the restaurant no doubt.

Tempura – well worth your time and at least a couple prawns there.

Seaweed salad – I could eat tis for yours. This one did leave a salty aftertaste, but a lot of commercial seaweed salad is already prepare and is packed with preservatives and MSG. So this one is likely to be so.

The beef carpaccio (takaki) and eggplant salad were my picks outside of the black sesame ice cream (limited to a single scoop, so cruel).

The gyoza – worth getting once but nothing wild.

Overall the experience at Okami took our breath away, mainly as we stuffed our faces too much to breathe.


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