Mukka Indian Restaurant, Fitzroy, Melbourne

Mukka Indian Restaurant, Fitzroy, Melbourne

It’s been about five months since I left the shores of Australia for a new life in Europe. I haven’t forgotten my final meal, which was a stellar performance. Mukka Indian Restaurant made for a perfect sendoff. This ended up being my favourite Indian meal of the ones I ended up having in Melbourne.

mukka curries

Delicious flavours, delivered fuss-free and without an eye-watering price. Mukka won the Time Out Best Cheap Eat a few years back, but even more importantly they were long-held favourites for my Indian friends. These guys know their way around a curry and so do the folk at Mukka. Even the seating felt South Indian, we were a little toasty next to the kitchen. The heat levels in the food were more soothing. Mukka delivers top notch curries, fluffy naan and flavourful chicken tikkas.¬†We ended up ordering an extra two times (!) as we couldn’t get enough – even my friend’s toddler (notoriously hard to please) was a decided fan. You can bet it’s on my list for when I’m back but make sure you pop them a visit if you’re there!

mukka chicken tikka

We were fortunate to get in without a booking on a weekday evening, though car parking in Fitzroy is a nightmare to find, any time of the week. And the other Fitzroy standard is in the interior – super funky, street art, casual vibes, good times. Everything arrived fast and together, and we devoured the chicken tikka ($16) in no time. These chicken thigh pieces are marinated in a delectable mix of spices and served with some yoghurt and salad for some contrasting cool. It was an ideal level of spice for us, and even for the little one too.

I wanted to flag that I really liked the curries at Mukka, but I kinda liked everything we had. Berate me all you like, but I can’t ever go past a butter chicken ($18.50). Like the menu states, there’s not much more to say with this not-quite-classic dish. The younger me never had much of this stuff growing up, so I’m more than making it up for it these days (oddly, not so much in England, mind you). The second curry was the Palak Paneer ($16), a newfound favourite. I love the guilty creaminess in both curries even being good sized serves we cleaned up every drop.

mukka naan

Ooh, I think this is my favourite naan to date. Huge pieces, fresh from the tandoor oven. A nice little swipe of garlic, that intense smell of ghee. It gets me every time. The naan was great with the garlic and great without the garlic, and we ended up ordering some more.

We didn’t stop there folks. We were all impressed with Mukka and so happy it lived up to our expectations. I mean, it was my final meal in Australia for a while so it had to be a goodie. I’m surprised I was as so bold back then to put that responsibility on an untested location. We liked the chicken tikka enough to make the Tikka Masla ($19) our additional and final curry. This one was spicier by a few notches, so be mindful of that. Still fab, but I preferred the two milder curries. Mukka is well worth your time and I can’t wait to catch up with the food in a few years’ time.

We followed with a refreshing vegan dessert treat over at Girls & Boys.


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