Gelato Messina, Fitzroy

Gelato Messina, Fitzroy

My first taste of Messina was the Fitzroy store and such it holds fond memories of when my sense of food wonder was really heightened in my Melbourne life. As a reasonably new addition, I had yet to discover any suburbs north of the CBD even and was only a lick on the food scene here. Ever since, I frequented this store many more times, moving to the suburb and a solid half of the reasoning for Collingwood was my proximity to this store. Sad but true?

I agree it’s not necessarily the absolute best, fall off your seat gelato across all flavours but it’s very, very good and not to be missed for the very reasonable price ($4.80 one scoop). Salted caramel and white chocolate is the best flavour here by far, and I’ve spent more time with this gelato that some of my relatives.¬†Queues and crowds are variable for this popular spot, but I’ve made use of the long opening hours and the takeaway options, which arrives safely chilly through my commute home. Yay for packaging science.


The last 0.5L tab we got ($12.50) had three flavours, adding to my completion of everything they sell. The specials are usually a bit of a turn off, with way too much happening in some of the combos. It’s always a worth having a taste, and the staff are more than happy to oblige (other waiting customers, not so much). The good flavours here from the Specials are the more simpler ones, like the cheesecake or fairy bread. Most of the continuing flavours are also very good, if not better and should be based on the individual and their preferences. I rather like the coconut and lychee but classics like tiramisu, hazelnut and apple pie are also very good. Never too sweet, never too melty, mostly hits. Of course you should check it out.


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