Gami, Fitzroy

Gami, Fitzroy

Fried chicken dreams come true at Gami. It’s why there’s ten stores all over Melbourne now. Of those I’ve only hit two, and I enjoyed the experience at the Fitzroy branch the most. Friendly service, a more relaxed ambience and of course, endearing and heart-inducing fried chicken. It’s my favourite chicken in town in fact. Although it’s become a bit of a cliche, Gami always delivers in terms of unabashedly fried crunchiness, juicy meats and a good time.

After a good day working up the Fitbit steps, Ryan and I gave into the temptation of getting some mouth-watering Gami into our bellies. We had one side dish, the potato heaven, which was quite heavenly as well as 750 grams of the boneless chicken in original recipe (lol) and soy garlic. Both great and the speed, ease of table, service made it a much more enjoyable time than my last one in the Gami city store.


The Potato heaven ($14) might be a Fitzroy exclusive as I haven’t seen it in other menus. It’s a bowl of creamy mash with wedges and sweet chilli and sour cream. Although saucier than I was anticipating, we both enjoyed the buttery-ness of the potato and the sauces were tantalising. My friend EJ had recommended this dish and I can completely understand why. The other side dishes I’ve had at the other Gami store were good but not excellent so I tend to focus only on the chicken. And if you come here, it’s all about the chicken. It’s in the name, naturally.


Excitingly, the chicken came in no time. I had anticipated a bit more of a wait with the gratis prawn chips and radish like the other visit, but it was only minutes after the Potato Heaven. Like last time we went for the ease of the boneless chicken ($34) with half original with honey mustard sauce and half soy garlic sauce. The boneless chicken is a mix of breast and thigh and it is noticeable in each bite. Some of the breast was too dry for me on this occasion. Soy garlic and original are both fantastic flavours and they can be enjoyed for their own, unique characteristics.

We overdid ourselves with the food order and made up all those calories burned from earlier, we finished up the plates of course.


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