China Bar, Fitzroy

China Bar, Fitzroy

China Bar Fitzroy is much like China Bar CBD and the other China Bar CBD store. It’s all the same really, though I do like the Fitzroy fit out a little more. Food is cheap, comes out quick and there’s plenty of options to go for. This store has more traditional hours but otherwise menu and service are same as the others, which is about above average.


On this occasion I went for the honey chicken with fried rice and as anticipated, it came out lightning quick, with the rice fresh and the chicken straight out of the fryer. I wouldn’t say it was a great honey chicken offering, the batter wasn’t quite right or it tasted a bit overcooked perhaps. I dunno, it’s wasn’t as good as even some of the foodcourt ones I’ve had. Size wasn’t quite as on par as the other offerings from China Bar oddly. My parents and I still have a soft spot for China Bar so we’ll definitely continue to frequent.


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