Addict Food & Coffee, Fitzroy, Melbourne

Addict Food & Coffee, Fitzroy, Melbourne

One of my absolute favourite brunch places in Melbourne is my neighbourhood local in Fitzroy, Addict Food & Coffee. The first encounter has a few bumps, as it was also too full. Over many occasions it became a favoured choice with friendly staff, top notch coffee, and innovative, ever-changing brunch options.

The items I’ve dined on at Addict Food & Coffee are very likely to no longer be available. Outside the breakfast and brunch staples, the menu is seasonal, on-trend and to be frank, kinda crazy. But this is a crazy I love. To get the most important thing out of the way first, yes the coffee is amazing.

Onto food. One of the more lighter options was the coconut chia pudding. My pudding included a base of beetroot, with layers of macadamia, strawberries, white chocolate and a green foam of sorrel. I’m at two minds about the sorrel, one because I have no idea what it is, and two, it was a weird citrusy taste. Everything else in this glass of happiness was fantastic from the sweet chia seeds to the contrast in texture of the sweetened, crunchy macadamias and then the foam thing. Nice and light.


The portion sizes for some of these more whimsical dishes is never huge, but that’s knowledge that’s acquired and retained readily. How is this for food art? Black dutch croquette. Is it beautiful? Is it outrageous? Surely that it is in the eye of the beholder. In terms of taste, it’s good! I kinda don’t know what is inside, and the use of charcoal black (yawn) is somewhat tired, but I like this dish. It feels fun and exciting to eat. And shouldn’t food just be that?

My friend Ryan likes less crazy and ordered the potato hash with mushroom, onion and egg. This is a dish with a bit more substance behind it.

The very last occasion with Addict Food & Coffee (sob) I went for the bubble waffle with matcha meringue, lychee (I think?) ice cream and tropical fruits with cocoa gel. Just glorious.


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