Umma Kitchen, Docklands, Melbourne

Umma Kitchen, Docklands, Melbourne

Mmm Korean. Umma Kitchen in Collins Place has some tasty-looking cabinet items, especially because there’s fried chicken and saucy things. As part of the foodcourt here it offers some delicious, if not slightly pricey options.

I ordered the fried chicken with mushroom rice bowl which came to $14. It’s a alright size serve, but I could have definitely done with more rice. I did like the mushroom seasoning twist. They have bonus toppings which included baked rice and seaweed which is a nice addition for even more flavours. Umma Kitchen like everything else here moves super fast, so you won’t have to be waiting too long. They also feature some made to order bowls and my friend ordered the salmon one.

The glorious-looking $6 chicken cups seem a bit cheeky in that the bottom of the cup features some “padding” but the fried chicken itself is tasty. (I think it’s the same chicken in my bowl). There’s enough tasty crunch and it’s coated in a delicious sauce. These days I don’t know why all fried chicken doesn’t come with some sauce. Not too spicy either and just a little bit sweet. Overall it’s a satisfying lunch at Umma Kitchen with lots of interesting flavours and textures. A nice break from a busy day.


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