The Noble Experiment, Collingwood

The Noble Experiment, Collingwood

This week I’ve been raving about my experience at The Noble Experiment, a drinking and eating house located in Smith Street of Collingwood. The experiment is undoubtedly a worthwhile and memorable one and I’d highly recommend it for anyone to give a go with a creative menu in food and drink that really delivers.

Jamie, Matt and I headed in for their $65 Chef’s Menu on a work evening, which gave us six courses over the space of two hours with innovation and theatre in abundance in each plate and drinking vessel that came out. This option would deliver some house favourites and new dishes, so were excited to see what would come, given that everything on the regular menu already looked enthralling enough. Spoiler alert, if you’re already keen on going, possibly skip the descriptions as part of the fun is in seeing what arrives next.

First to the table was the swordfish ceviche and goat’s cheese croquette. Although the first bites start out on the petite end, we more than had our fill after the full sitting. Both dishes here had punchy flavour and had a modern twist on their dishes. As someone who typically avoids seafood, I could quite enjoy the less-fishiness of this ceviche and I always will dig any form of fried cheese. A great start.


The second bite was the 12 hour lamb steamed bun with red miso and peanuts. This was a somewhat surprising follow up to the first course in terms of concept, but a good surprise at that with tender meat and thoughtfully spiced peanut sauce. It steers away from the usual bao executions you get in other places and avoids ever imitating another type of cuisine.


I was excited about the next item, which was Pork belly served with seared scallops and pickles. I can’t recall what the components of the sauce was, but it was delightful and with a pleasant sweetness that added to saltiness and crunch of the pork. The meat had a tasty sear with the pickles keep the plate from ever feeling too heavy.

I should mention that the cocktails at The Noble Experiment are an absolute treat and each one we ordered arrived with much anticipation and were followed up with satisfaction. It’s hard not to like the cleverness of the bath tub cocktail with it’s teensy rubber duckie, as well as my Tropical punch that came in a mock sunscreen lotion bottle. The silliness of the presentation is backed up with some solid cocktail making abilities in the diverse and original menu options.

The next dish was sourdough served with a soft cheese and some sauce thing that was green. This was a nice filler bite until the almighty main course arrived – 48 hour short rib with apple cider glaze and apple relish. There was also a plate of Smoked honey glazed carrots with a cacao sauce. This final savoury dish filled us up completely, we loved the delicate sweetness of the meat, it was tender and enjoyable to eat. The carrots were well roasted and the cacao continued the surprise factor. I didn’t care so much for some of the garnish items on the beef plate (too sweet) but this course solidified my joy with the restaurant.


We couldn’t not have a dessert course and the sixth part of the evening was the Sloe gin compressed watermelon with lime, mint and cucumber granita and a yoghurt parfait. This was an intriguing bite, but I loved the twist on classic watermelon and the flavours were all potent, and came together nicely. It was a great palate cleanser and a perfect end to the evening. Service was fantastic over our time and The Noble Experiment has a nice vibe; they also happened to be doing a special Mexican street menu dinner event at the same time. No doubt they’re always trying new things and that’s a really good thing for the eating scene. The Chef’s menu represented value for an interesting and creative eating out experience.


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