La Miel Et La Lune, Carlton

La Miel Et La Lune, Carlton

A morning run on a hot summer’s day saw myself and Ryan end up at La Miel Et La Lune (try saying that ten times fast) for breakfast. The corner spot has a lot of charm and it’s in a handy location. Our early hour meant no issues getting a choice of table, and we were grateful for the high powered air conditioning. The food was good, but I wasn’t quite as enamoured as I was expecting at La Miel Et La Lune.

Service was exactly half cold and half good, not sure what was up for the first staff member. I had a chia pudding, he had bacon and eggs. These are decent, my pudding didn’t quite have all the chia consistently soaked so the occasional clump distracted from an otherwise solid offering with sweet touches on the fruit. I’m told the pastries are worthwhile if you’re checking it out. The lunch menu options also looked creative.


Nothing beats an icy cold juice on a blistering hot day. Mine was the beetroot, carrot, apple and ginger ($7). A vibrant red and a good little mix that started off my time at Le Miel Et La Lune.


The thought of a hot meal when I was already melting was inconceivable, so I opted for the chill of the Chia seed pudding ($14.50) with seasonal fruits, banana and dukkah. I probably won’t miss the heat when I move to London, instead I’ll get to enjoy exciting zero degree days. The chia in the pudding here wasn’t evenly soaked, so occasionally there was a spoon with clumps of raw chia stuck together. the rest of the pudding is quite nice, it’s a large serving and the exotic mix of fruit and toppings keep it worthwhile. The sweetness was perfect. A bit of a twist might have made it more memorable, not unlike the sorrel foam over at Addict.


My friend did go for something warm and savoury, and in the form of the eggs and toast ($9.90) with a side of bacon ($4.50) and avocado ($4.50). Feedback was positive. The lunch options here offer some enticing-sounding dishes, including the pork belly potato hash with mushrooms, capsicum, egg, and sesame sauce. There’s also an interesting offering of eggs on grain rice with pickle, miso sauce and optional mushrooms. So a tinge of Asian influences. So overall I was reasonably happy with Le Miel Et La Lune and would return to try out the lunch offering, which arguably may have been better than the pudding.


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