Don Tojo, Carlton

Don Tojo, Carlton

From the same family of Don Don and Don Too, comes Don Tojo, perfectly placed in the studenty hub of Carlton. If you’re not familiar with any of these words, the sweet essence of these restaurants are that they offer super delicious Japanese food, on the cheap, lightning fast. And it doesn’t get any cheaper than this. The teriyaki chicken don is $7.40 and the tofu curry don is $6.50. The portions are great value and it’s an easy cheap eat to recommend.┬áThe curry here is a bit more watery than the chunky style I like, but the pickles are good and the flavour is right. Sometimes the chicken and beef doesn’t taste of the best quality, but hey, look at the savings.


Duncan went with the teriyaki chicken don, although I have had this one before on other occasions. Well, I think I’ve had most of the menu really. The only slight difference with Don Don was that the food wasn’t instantaneous with a few minutes delay which isn’t a dampener by any means. The sauce in the teriyaki chicken is pleasant and plentiful, and you do get a heap of chicken, although it sometimes has that weird chewiness.


I went with the curry with grilled tofu option. I quite liked the curry sauce here, as I always have. I did think the two triangles of tofu are a little boring and lacking in the end. I’d rather the sukiyaki beef or teriyaki chicken which are also options for the curry. The sauce has a good level of savoury spice and goes great with the pickles and the rice.


Don’t worry, I did get a share of meat in the karage chicken. This only came for only $5.80. But I can’t say I enjoyed this too much. The pieces weren’t quite proper chickeny pieces and the flavour was quite lacking. It was fine dipped in the curry sauce but otherwise would have benefitted from some spice, mayo or salt. There was a katsu curry option that was sold out at the time of our visit, would have loved to have checked that out. Still lots of praise for a place that can deliver quality and speed for less than eight dollars so that justifies a slightly better rating.


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